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Join us in solving astronomically hard problems.
ML Engineer
Develop infrastructure for large volumes of neural data and build the research platform
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Computational Neuroscientist
Design and perform experiments to deeply understand neural signals
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Applied ML Researcher (Speech/NLP)
Investigate deep learning architectures for speech processing
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ML Researcher
Analyze and build models to process large volumes of neural signals
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Full Stack Software Engineer
Develop web applications for ML, real time streaming & data visualizations
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The future is heads-up

"What Wispr AI has already accomplished in the development of its thought-powered digital interface is nothing short of mind-blowing. Tanay and Sahaj’s talent, vision and groundbreaking application of neurotechnology have the potential to not only change the way people interface with technology, but to set future technologies on a new course—with everything controlled from the mind."

- Greg Papadopolous

Venture Partner at NEA and former CTO of Sun Microsystems

"Wispr’s approach in the situation where the user can make (at least some) muscle movements is a promising alternative to more invasive approaches, like those that require surgical implants. Recent advancements in EMG sensors, signal processing, and machine learning approaches to deciphering these signals make it an exciting time to bring this neurotechnology to market."

- Sergey Stavisky

co-director of the UC Davis Neuroprosthetics Lab

"Wispr AI is tackling an idea that is straightforward to describe, requires deep skills to build, and will change the landscape of our interactions with machines. That’s the sweet spot for a neurotech company to live in."

- David Eagleman

Stanford neuroscientist and CEO of NeoSensory

"The work we did at CTRL-Labs was the first step toward an emerging ecosystem of neurotechnology that will inspire new ways for people to communicate, create, learn, work and play. Wispr's unique approach to decoding the brain and the body is going to expand and enrich that ecosystem in exciting ways."

- Ben Jones

former COO of CTRL Labs (acquired by Facebook)

Advisors and Investors

Thomas Oxley
Co-founder & CEO, Synchron
Maria Rioumine
Co-founder & CEO, Agora Systems
Fred Ehrsam
Co-founder, Coinbase & Paradigm Ventures
Head of Special Projects at Apple, ex-Tesla
Will Ahmed
Co-founder & CEO, Whoop
Chris Manning
Professor in ML & Linguistics, Stanford
Ben Jones
Former COO, CTRL Labs
Sergey Stavisky
Assistant Prof in Neuroscience, UC Davis
Josh Duyan
Co-founder & former CSO, CTRL Labs
Kevin Weil
President, Product & Business, Planet Labs
Jose Carmena
Professor in Neuroscience, UC Berkeley


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