Our mission.

Neuroscience has been brewing for the last few years. Something is different. Wispr is dedicated to building neural interfaces for every single person and in the process, helping them achieve a lot more.

We're a company rooted in deep scientific research and customer-centric development. We're bringing together exceptional people together to open a world of possibilities.


Tanay Kothari

Co-founder & CEO

Sahaj Garg

Co-founder & CTO

Anthony Leonardo

Chief Scientist

Ian Nauhaus

Computational Neuroscientist

Zhaoyu (Joe) Lou

ML Engineer

Chanel Yang


Shagun Maheshwari


Chris Donahue

Computational Neuroscientist

Alex Kell

Computational Neuroscientist

Vincent Song



Chester Chipperfield

Global Creative Director at Tesla, Head of Special Projects at Apple

Ben Jones

Former COO, CTRL Labs

Marcus Gomez

Co-founder & CEO, Luminous Computing

David Eagleman

PhD - Stanford neuroscientist, CEO of Neosensory

and some amazing angel investors like



And some amazing angel investors like

Come Join Us.

At Wispr, we’re creating neural interfaces for the next billion people. Does your background include product design, user experience, computational neuroscience, machine learning, human physiology, hardware, machine learning, electronics, or ergonomics? If so, let's talk.

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